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Giving Back

We are currently working on partnerships with major content distributors over the course of the year. We also welcome content distribution from local and international influencers, social media influencers and inquiries from media outlets. Please send your inquiries to our founder (Bosco Anthony) directly to bosco@boscoanthony.com if you would like to join our viral content distribution army!

Global Outreach

The digital dialogue is an open source website where content will be shared at no cost to the audience or viewer. The goal is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs and business people both locally and on an international level.

We have partnered with the Merita Movement currently on a mentoring mission in East Africa as well as the unleash “dream program.”

Our “think global” core value allows us to reach for a local and international audience. We would like to become an open resource and guide for entrepreneurs world wide and intend working with organizations, movements, business associations and catalysts that bring us closer to the entrepreneur community.

Please contact us if you would like to become a content distributor or partner with our initiative.

About Unleash Dreams

There is a huge correlation between helping people acheive their personal dreams and the happiness and performance of that individual, a company, a team, a family, and a community. The opportunity to dream and act on your dreams is one of the most amazing abilities humans have and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others to create happiness in life. Most people unfortunately; have forgotten how to dream, have given up on their dreams, or think their dreams will never become a reality.

Unleash Dreams was founded on a simple Purpose: Discover Greatness Within. Unleash Dreams is a simple step by step guideline that will teach you how to dream, act on your dreams and “become more” than you ever thought you could be. At some point in your life you have to start. There will never be a better time than now. Waiting for things to change will result in more waiting…it is time to start creating.


About Merita Movement

Merita is a passion driven movement comprised of individuals who desire to see young people on the continent of Africa empowered, unified and strengthened. Our intention is to accommodate space, resource, method and mentorship to breakthrough old cycles and advocate self actualization and growth amongst creative entrepreneurs.Merita exists to work along side youth in various communities throughout Africa establishing a bold conversation, recognizing the purpose and importance of each individual. The vision grows as Merita’s diverse team works together in combining our uniquely different expertise to continue to ignite the voice of the youth.

The core values of The Merita Movement are to reconnect people to their roots, awaken dreams to full potential, restore the vision for a new story in Africa and to unify culture through a creative approach to education and community building.

The Merita movement works along side youth in various communities throughout Africa establishing a bold conversation, recognizing the purpose and importance of each individual.


About the Internet Marketing Think Tank

The Internet marketing think tank is a business community that host keynotes, panels and workshops monthly on business and digital marketing. Community members can learn, engage and network. One of the growing business communities in Vancouver British Columbia, The Internet Marketing Thinktank has become a hub for local entrepreneur events, mentoring sessions and quality content driven speakers. Founded by Bosco Anthony, the think tank grows monthly currently sitting at 750 members since its inception in 2012.


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