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The Digital Dialogue was powered by the following contributions and alliances that helped make the creation of the show.


Colabs Communities is a relatively new concept in the way people work. It revolves around the idea that when businesses share their resources with each other, we can all realize huge benefits. 12 Episodes were filmed on location at this amazing penthouse based co-working space.

Street Smart Marketing is a digital creative agency located in Vancouver that focuses on web development, creative and branding. This website was powered by Street Smart Creative. The design team was instrumental with providing digital creative branding for the website. (www.streetsmartcreative.ca)


Pollux Chung is a multimedia designer with over 15 years of combined professional expertise in Video, Illustration and Photography. Pollux was instrumental in capturing all the moments, interviews and content for the Digital Dialogue Show and took care of all the editing and video enhancement. (www.polluxchung.com)

Tribe1 is a virtual based digital marketing agency that is located in Vancouver that specializes in content architecture, social media and digital marketing and storytelling. Bosco Anthony the founder of this agency will be launching the website in 2014. Tribe1 and all its affiliates will help with the digital marketing needs for the digital dialogue show. (www.tribe1.ca)


Julian Fok is a Vancouver based motion photographer. Digital Creatives and photography for the digital dialogue was provided by Julian Fok. (www.julianfok.com)

David founded Unleash Culture on the simple purpose of helping brands “discover greatness within”.

David has held a life-long fascination for why some brands have great cultures and why so many do not. David’s research and experience lead him to understand that culture is built in one of two ways, either by default or design.




SOHO Business Group connects businesses to valuable tools for success. They are the #1 business-to-business network with over 30,000 business professionals and entrepreneurs. SOHO provides access to resources, expert advice and exclusive offers on key business products, services, and events to motivate, inspire and drive your business growth. SOHO is dedicated to helping you save time and money.
During Small Business Month in October, SOHO produces the SME Business Expo held each year in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. They also host SOHO Lounge, their newest initiative, which brings together like-minded, success-driven business professionals in a unique and fun environment. Visit www.soho.ca to join the SOHO Network today. (www.soho.ca)

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