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Simple Beginnings

Elements to the “The Digital Dialogue” Show

The open-ended questions on the show are aimed at dialogue and conversation. The 1st season is focused on thought leadership. All guests have been selected based on their business acumen, background and experience on all the core elements of the show.

We are working with non-profit organizations, movements and causes in emerging countries to help create a digital hub for creative entrepreneurs globally. The show will be a series of many other content driven initiatives that will help foster a digital movement. We have currently partnered with the Merita Movement who will help share the digital content from the show in Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

The audience will change over time as the show builds a global outreach with the intention of capturing the attention of digital natives and migrants. We hope to capture the attention of businesses, brands and entrepreneurs on this journey.

The Why Factor

People tell stories…. stories empower lives. We would like to create engaging
conversations through digital storytelling that will inspire, transform and
empower entrepreneurs and build a global digital tribe and movement.

Bosco Anthony – Founder

Bosco Anthony is a seasoned online marketing professional and business growth strategist. Bosco is an international keynote speaker who recently was one of the headline speakers for Social Media Week. Bosco had a break out year in 2012 with over 40 plus keynotes, workshops and speaking engagements.

Originating from Tanzania in East Africa, Bosco started out in marketing and sales, eventually moving into management at Club Intrawest.Bosco moved to the Internet Marketing Center where he managed over 250,000 online affiliates. This allowed him to travel the global circuit where he was given many speaking opportunities.

Bosco launched his own boutique-style, virtual marketing agency called Tribe1. It specializes in content curation, digital marketing, social media strategies, deployment and consulting. His clientele includes small businesses, enterprises and corporate brands. Bosco is also an avid blogger, sharing content on business growth, Internet marketing and social media. Bosco founded the “Internet Marketing Think Tank” meet-up group that convenes monthly to focus on business leadership, growth and online marketing talks, panels and keynotes.

At the Vancouver Social Media Awards, Bosco was recently nominated as a finalist for Best Business Blog in 2013, competing with some major brands like YYoga, Translink and The Vancouver Whitecaps. Bosco is currently working on deploying other exciting business and entrepreneurial ventures in the months to come.”

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