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Crystal Henrickson

digital dialogue guest season 1Most recently referred to as the girl who brought Yelp to Canada, Crystal has worn many hats over the past decade: makeup artist, beer rep, cosmetics biz dev, small business marketing, event organizer, consultant, partnership wrangler, and of course, community manager and community architect.

As the Marketing Director for Yelp Canada, Crystal drove the launch, growth and presence of Yelp across Canada by first building and then leading a dynamic marketing and community management team. Currently, Crystal is working with startups like @ChimpFund on developing online and offline community engagement strategies in the charity sector. When her hands aren’t occupied on social media, you can find Crystal cooking, cock tailing and crafting.

Crystal is a community architect and is know to leverage power of engagement to elevate brands through a collaborative influence.

Crystals Philosophy

  • If You Build It, And They Don’t Come
  • Keys For Creating Talkative,
  • Engaged Communities

With a focus on these three Word of Mouth generating areas:

1. Digital Influence
2. Offline Relationship Reinforcement
3. Reciprocity

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